About RIVT

RIVT is an independent, education nonprofit whose mission is to improve the practice of continuous learning, collaboration, and change in the education sector. Established in 1995, RIVT conducts social science research, develops research-based innovations, and facilitates innovation that improves knowledge sharing in education.RIVT supports innovative teaching and learning practices throughout the globe, and is well-known for its pioneering open education initiatives. RIVT also assists policy makers, foundations, and education institutions in designing, assessing, and bringing continuous improvement to education policies, programs, and practice.

Our Mission

The Institute Works with a mission to attain the goals enshrined in the VISION of the college." To Create Technologically Superior and ethically strong global manpower" It aims to provide the students a sense of History, and Understanding of values and ethics, a commitment to law and morality, an appreciation of Human Creativity and an analytical inquiring mind.

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